Zim’s ‘Muchemedzambuya’ Se_x Tree Becomes A HIT With Foreigners


Mbuya Mujena, a traditional healer and fortune-teller at Great Zimbabwe’s Karanga Village, says her customers never return to denounce herbs drawn from the legendary ‘se_x tree’ left behind by Nyatsimba Mutota and foreigners can’t get enough of it.

The famous tree popularly known as Muchemedzambuya is believed to have been the last king’s se_x enhancer whenever he had a hit with his 200 wives.

Local paper, H-Metro caught up with the famous healer.

“My hut is always receiving all kinds of visitors especially the male counterparts and I help them fulfil their se_xual desires.

“During my time here I have managed to also find a se_x enhancer for women who were always complaining herbs from Muchemedzambuya were only helping men,” she said.

The tree is also believed to be as old as the ruins themselves.

However, mbuya Mujena was in no mood for pictures during the tour saying the interviewers had arrived at a wrong time but she allowed both men and women to congest her hut.


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