Mushonga Wekudzora Bec**


A Chinese dried fruit delicacy is selling like hot cakes in Harare and it’s not for its taste. Women continue to believe the shriveled fruit will turn back the hands of time and give them tighter, more youthful beche.

Doctors and s.exologists say our obsession with the mythical tight beche may say as much about our understanding of basic anatomy as it does about the times we live in.

The women swear that the fruit – usually a dried, preserved sour plum – is a must-have s.exual aid as they claim tightens their honey pots.

Often called “sunganyini” or “punani fruit” in Harare, the fruit can also be found in Chinese supermarkets where packets of the fruits list ingredients as plums, sugar, ascorbic acid, salt and flavouring.

In China, the fruit is a traditional snack and is allegedly used by some as an old remedy for motion sickness and nausea.

Driven by the popularity of the fruit, some street vendors in Harare are making their own.

Mike Samburo is a street vendor in Mbare, said “We use peaches, bananas and apples and dry them by the sun to turn them into dry fruits and sprinkle them with our own ‘muti,’ said Samburo.

“You just eat it then drink lots of water it will then do its job by making your beche tight and it also helps with discharge.”

Netsai who lives in Chitungwiza regularly buys packets of the fruit.

“I eat it every night and it helps a lot for me when having s-ex with my husband,” said Netsai. She also claimed the fruit has had additional benefits in the bedroom. “In the past, my husband would complain about my beche being dry and would not enjoy sleeping with me.”

She added: “Now, we both enjoy.”Melissa said she is also an avid believer in the fruit.

“Believe in me, it does work,” she said. “My husband was so glued to me and he didn’t want to leave me and we slept (together) the whole day.”

“That’s when I was convinced that it does really work,” she added.



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